The McEwen Investment Report

David McEwen

Head Researcher

Professional Journalist Turned Investment Analyst

After writing for The Financial Times, Reuters News Service, National Business Review David turned his talents towards investment analysing. Over 30 years of watching the markets David offers timely and easy-to-understand commentary on shares that he classifies through the use of 9 unique key criteria.


The McEwen Investment Report

Decades of success

The McEwen Investment Report was established in New Zealand in 1998, and has since provided readers with accurate, timely and effective guidance to the share market. Growing to become a global title, offering fresh thinking and analysis of shares on the NZ, Australian, UK, and US stock markets. The newsletter offers easy-to-understand commentary on shares to buy, hold and sell. Using David McEwen's unique 9 Key Criteria we find financially sound businesses that are temporarily undervalued by other investors.

This has proven to be a low-risk strategy that to date has delivered returns that are substantially above the overall market.

The report is refreshingly free of jargon and complicated calculations, making it easy to read and understand, while every company profiled comes with a firm trading recommendation.

Information That Pays

PME Statistics

16.49% In 3 Days!

Pro Medicus

Tip given in The McEwen Platinum Club.

David McEwen advised the members of the McEwen Platinum Club to purchase Pro Medicus stocks on Thursday, the 6th of August. Three days later, he advised them to sell for a handsome 16.49% profit!

NST Statistics

25.40% In 5 Weeks!

Northern Star Resources

Tip given in The McEwen Investment Report.

On Thursday the 20th of June, David advised our members to invest in Northern Star Resources. Five weeks later, he advised they sell. Our readers made 25.40% in just 5 weeks!

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Information that matters.

Banking giant HSBC’s #share price (black) has hit an 11-year low after saying the virus-induced #global #downturn could trigger US$13bn in loan #losses. Aussie banks such as Westpac (gold) haven’t made similar announcements but are tracking in a similar manner

We closed off a text book short sell position today. #Shorting is when you sell a #share first then buy it back later. It is very useful when the #market goes down. In this case we sold AMP on the ASX at A$1.82 and bought it back 8 weeks later for $1.46 for a tidy 19.78% #gain.

#Gold futures prices have today hit US$2,000 oz for the first time & exceed the last big spike of 2011. Much of the gain reflects #weakness in the US dollar & that could change if geopolitical tensions worsen but for now the trend for the yellow metal is positive #StockMarket

#Media company Seven Group Holdings (AU: SVW) is struggling to break above the A$18 price. In the past few months it has been a surprisingly strong performer in a #market where #advertising demand has been weak, and it is possible it is running out of #investor support.

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