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20 Years Of Success

McEwen has been beating the markets for decades.
The McEwen Investment Report was established in New Zealand in 1998 and has since grown to become a global title, offering fresh thinking and analysis of shares on the NZ, Australian, UK, and US stock markets.

Edited by David McEwen, a former journalist (Financial Times, Reuters News Service, National Business Review) turned investment analyst, the newsletter offers timely and easy-to-understand commentary on shares to buy, hold and sell using his unique 9 Key Criteria.

30 Years Of Refinement

Developed over 30 years of watching the markets, these criteria are a simple and proven way to find the financial quality of a company and the value of its shares. MIR’s Watch Lists of companies that meet the highest number of these criteria have outperformed the markets significantly over the past two decades.

Rather than focus on small-cap penny dreadful stocks that sometimes make investors a fortune (but more often lose it), the newsletter looks for Blue Chip stocks at bargain prices. Large, financially sound companies sometimes fall out of favor with investors – which is when we recommend them! – but inevitably recover. While you are waiting, they tend to pay generous dividends as along the way. In addition, each newsletter contains articles that tell you what is really going on in the world economy, financial markets, society, and geopolitics.

Investing Made Simple

For over 20 years, the McEwen Investment Report has provided readers with accurate, timely and effective guidance to the share market. Its recommendations are based on a unique set of criteria that find financially sound businesses that are temporarily undervalued by other investors. This has proven to be a low-risk strategy that to date has delivered returns that are substantially above the overall market.

The report is refreshingly free of jargon and complicated calculations, making it easy to read and understand, while every company profiled comes with a firm trading recommendation.

Simplicity For The Investor

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