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What our Readers Say

Here are just a few comments from readers who have followed our recommendations:

I made 30% in two months from your pick of Evraz. I don’t know how you find such shares that others have never even heard of, but I am very pleased that you do

– L Jollands, Auckland

I have a lot of stock market Watch Lists but none have ever performed as well as yours do.

– N Holland, Christchurch


First I must thank you for your recommendation on FLX. Not long after I read your July report I had a closer look at the company myself and was very excited at what I saw. I was thinking that this was the best share prospect I have seen for some time and I took a bigger than my usual portfolio percentage position in the shares. After just one month the share is showing a 19% uplift for me and I will continue to hold.

– B Steinberg, Auckland


My average buy price for A2 Milk, which you recommended, is 66c compared with the current price of over $12.00. I still have 5715 shares and realised and current gains total $87,500.00. Over 46 yrs of fiddling about on the NZ market this is by far the best return.

– A McCullough, Christchurch


Bought TIL on your recommendation at 89 cents.   Sold some at $4.13 to pay off most of my investment and laughing all the way to the bank with the profit.

– P Shelling, Nelson


I followed your recommendation to buy Carnavon some years ago. The shares did nothing for a long time but now they are up 600% in the past month. Thank you!

– P Griffin, Christchurch


Dear David, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter. You have the right philosophy and wisdom for me and it has helped me many times with making the right decisions. Long may you continue doing this good work and prosper yourself on the way (not only financially).

– R Huebner, Auckland